Boards & Committees A-K

  1. American With Disabilities Act Advisory Committee

    The ADA Committee has seven members that serve a 3 year term and the City Manager and Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator as staff support.

  2. Building Trades Board

    The Building Trades Board evaluates and interprets the various Uniform Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical codes that influence Larned.

  3. Cemetery Committee

    The Cemetery Committee makes recommendations to City Council regarding improvements, rates, and the Cemetery Ordinance.

  4. Community Corrections Advisory Board

    This Committee strives to enhance public safety and enforce offender accountability through the use of community supervision and control.

  5. Electric Utility Board

    This Board studies questions and problems related to electric production and distribution and to ensure a reasonable cost for electric production.

  6. E.T. Eggleston Board

    E. T. Eggleston endowed money to the City of Larned. The Committee reviews requests for programs and projects in the community prior to approval.

  7. Housing Authority

    The Housing Authority constructs, maintains, operates and manages subsidized, low rent housing for older Americans.

  8. Joint Recreation Commission

    This Commission presents activities for citizens of all ages of Larned and Pawnee County and oversees the operation of the Larned Community Center.

  9. Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA)

    This is a joint action agency of 32 Kansas Municipalities that operate Municipal electric utility systems. Member cities each get two board members.