Wastewater Department

The City of Lamed Wastewater Treatment Plant was built in 2008. The facility is referred to as a Sequential Batch Reactor (SER) plant which utilizes Activated Sludge to treat the wastewater.

The plant is designed to treat 1 million gallons of flow per day with the maximum amount being 3 million gallons of flow per day. The wastewater plant also treats all wastewater from the Lamed State Hospital. This modem and efficient facility historically meets or exceeds all Kansas Department of Health and Environmental protection Agency requirements.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Operators
Wastewater Treatment Facility Operators are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city's treatment facility. This includes maintenance on all equipment. Operators collect data and record flow coming into and leaving the plant.

On average the wastewater plant treats approximately 240 million gallons of wastewater per year. Of that total 175 million gallons comes from the city of Lamed and 65 million gallons from the Larned State Hospital.

A portion of the treated water Is reused to operate some equipment in the plant. On average the Wastewater treatment plant discharges approximately 175 million gallons into the Arkansas River per year.

On average the staff at the wastewater treatment plant dewaters 2.5 million gallons of water and activated sludge per year. The sludge is applied to approved field's within Pawnee County.

Approximately 9,000 of trash or solid waste is collected which is taken to the landfill.

Wastewater staff also maintains four lift station located throughout the City of Larned.