Larned Cemetery

Charges for burial spaces in the Larned Cemetery must be paid in full upon purchase of the burial spaces at a cost of $250 per space.

Burial of Cremains
  • $125 for weekday burial
  • $225 for Saturday burial
  • $175 for burial that commences after 4 p.m.
Burial of Remains
  • $250 for weekday burial
  • $400 for Saturday burial
  • $300 for burial that commences after 4 p.m.
Charges for opening and closing any grave shall be paid in full prior to the time of funeral service.

  • $200 for disinterment of cremains removed from cemetery
  • $500 for disinterment of remains removed from cemetery
The City of Larned will not be responsible for removing remains or cremains from any grave. The normal charge for opening and closing graves will be charged if remains or cremains are relocated to another space within the Larned Cemetery. The City of Larned specifically disclaims any and all liability for damages to burial containers and contents when opening an existing grave.

  • $1,000 per niche space. There is no charge at the time that the niche will be open for the interment of cremains.
Stone Set
  • $20 permit fee for setting any stone in the Larned Cemetery.
Granite, marble or bronze monuments, headstones, footstones or markers shall be allowed in the Larned Cemetery. Temporary grave markers may be placed at the time of burial by the funeral director. Temporary grave makers may be removed at the discretion of the sexton no earlier than the second succeeding Memorial Day following the date of the burial.

There will be no burials on Sunday or any observed city holidays.

There shall be no decoration from April 1st through September 30th, except one week prior to and one week following Memorial Day, except shepherds hooks, solar lights and statues attached to the concrete headstone bases. All decoration will be removed prior to April 1st.

Shepherd hooks must be facing the headstones.