Backflow Prevention

In 2012, the City of Larned revised its water cross-connection control rules to comply with federal and state law to require backflow prevention devices for lawn sprinkler systems. These systems must be tested annually. Cross connections are points at which the drinking water supply is interconnected with hazardous liquids, gases or other unsafe substances. The rules and regulations were established by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment in accordance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.


What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

Backflow prevention devices are mechanical devices that protect drinking water from hazardous contaminants found in lawn sprinkler systems (herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria, and organisms), which may originate in the soil around sprinkler heads. Backflow prevention devices are installed where the water line comes into your house to prevent water from flowing backwards.

When drinking water is pulled through the main line (when you use your sink, toilet, etc.), it can siphon water through one of your branch lines (sprinkler system line). When the water is siphoned, it pulls whatever is in the line with it. In a sprinkler system, herbicides and pesticides can be siphoned through the drinking water system through sprinkler heads. A backflow prevention device prevents water and contaminants from getting through.

Who Needs a Backflow Prevention Device?

Any resident or business with a lawn sprinkler irrigation system connected to the drinking water supply. If you have a private well not connected to the drinking water supply, you are not required to have a backflow prevention device. Please call the City at 620-285-8500 to update your records.
Back Flow - do I need it

How Do I Register My Backflow Device?

You are required to have a Certified Backflow Installer/Tester inspect your backflow device once every two years On completion of the inspection, your contractor should submit your test results to the City. If you do not have a lawn service contractor, a list of qualified providers may be obtained by calling the City at 620-285-8500.

How Do I Know If There Is a Problem With My Water?

If you notice a change in the smell, color, taste or presence of foreign objects in your drinking water, call the City immediately at 620-285-8585, or call 620-285-8585 after regular business hours to notify the Larned Power Plant. Why call the Power Plant? Because these signs indicate a possible leak in the water system, which would affect you and your neighbors. If you have questions, call 620-285-8585.