Larned City-Pawnee County Planning Commission


The Pawnee County Planning Commission is made up of a group of eleven individuals who reside in Larned or within the City’s 3-mile limit in rural Pawnee County and serve a three year term. Seven members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council of Larned, and the Pawnee County Board of Commissioners appoints the other four with Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator as support staff.

Damian Solis 620-910-7438

Debra Ryan 620-285-9364

Cindy Perez 620-285-2808

Carol Converse 620-285-2058 

Carl Dilley 620-285-5907 (Best reached by phone)

Jim Haynes 620-285-2242

Noel Speed 515-290-7959 

Ron VanCleave 620-285-6025

Harley Carr 620-285-5939

Bob Salle 620-285-3228


One of the Commission’s functions is to interpret the Comprehensive Plan and recommend changes to the zoning laws which also covers a three-mile radius around Larned. When the need arises, a public hearing is scheduled.