Residential Trash Customer Guidelines

City of Larned Residential Trash Customer Guidelines

  • All residential household trash must be put in bags and placed in 30 gallon trash cans or Poly-Karts.
  • City of Larned customers may rent trash and/or yard Poly-Karts at a rate of $2.15 per month per kart.
  • All cans or Poly-Karts should be placed at the curb or alley by 7:00 a.m. to ensure your trash is picked up on your scheduled day.
  • Any trash placed outside of a can or Poly-Kart must be held down by something to prevent it from littering the neighborhood.
  • Household furniture, carpet (rolled up and cut down into smaller pieces) and small counter top appliances may be thrown away with your weekly household trash.
  • The following items are not allowed:
    • Car or Truck tires
    • Paint
    • Bricks or concrete
    • Plastic bags full of yard waste
    • Large pieces of metal or iron
    • Building or remodeling materials may be thrown away with household trash

Seasonal Grass & Leave Pickup Guidelines

This service begins in April 8th and ends the last of October 18th 2019.
  • All grass clippings should be put in 30 gallon trash cans or Poly-Karts.
  • All cans must have handles.
  • All cans must be put at the curb or alley.
  • Wherever your household trash is picked up.
  • If you participate, your address will be put on a list during the daily trash routes. Grass clippings will be picked up on the same day of your regularly scheduled day, if possible depending on daily loads.
  • Do Not Use Plastic Bags. We will not pick up grass clipping and will NOT empty 55 gallon containers
  • There will be NO limb removal. If limbs are mixed with grass it will not be picked up.
  • Please Call 620-285-8555 With Any Questions.